Bonuses For First Buyers Of "Essential Anatomy: A Multimedia Course For Dancers And Dance Teachers

Do you want to increase your chances of preventing knee and leg pain....a lower back pain injury...any dancer injuries? Today Deborah Vogel sent me the following:


I'm very proud to announce that Essential Anatomy: A Multimedia

Course for Dancers and Dance Teachers is now ready for purchase

The first 10 purchasers will also receive a free copy of Tune Up

Your Turnout and the 6 audio CD set of Enhancing the

Body/Brain Connection. (give them as gifts to the dancers

in your life)

Essential Anatomy: A Multimedia Course is a 2 CD set

that covers the essential components of anatomy

that every dancer should know. Anatomy comes to life

through over 3 hours of quicktime movies using pictures and

animations to illustrate the spoken text. Included are

outlines and study guides for each unit so you can easily

begin to use this important information.

CD #1 includes the following units
Essential Vocabulary
The Pelvis
The Femoral Joint
The Knee
The Ankle and Foot

CD #2 includes
The Spine
The Ribcage and Diaphragm
The Upper Extremity
Teaching Tips

Education is the key to injury prevention. Dance Smart and Teach Smart

using the science of dance training to improve strength and flexibility

while minimizing the risk of injury.

Warmest regards,