A Yogurt Meeting and Theme Dinner

Nothing beats the Mondays like a sweet treat - a couple of gal friends and I met up for lunch and ended up having froyo as our main course (I heart you, Yoforia. Never leave me). I like half original and half pomegranate with some granola and a ton of fresh mango. Do you like frozen yogurt? If so, what's your favorite combo?

Top: Anthropologie Little Yellow Button Meeting Place tank (no longer online - check stores)
Skirt: A/X cargo pencil (worn here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Jahara (worn here and here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn a ton - like here, and here and here, for starters)

I got a little creative (at least for me) last night and tried my first themed dinner: an at-home Chinese takeout meal. I used Martha Stewart's beef and asparagus negimaki recipe (OK, so this is technically Japanese - does territorial vicinity count?) for the main course. Instead of thin slicing tenderloin, I got some pre-sliced ribeye from the local Asian mart (thank you, Korean BBQ-ers for making these beautifully pre-sliced meats available). And instead of grilling it, I did it via stove-top on a saute pan. In retrospect, I probably should have grilled it to get the yummy char - but it turned out really well regardless (virtual self pat on the back).

All the little rolls ready to get cooked - making this was actually easier than the fried rice!

On the side I bought some refrigerated egg rolls (try some of this sweet chili sauce mixed in with this hot sauce and you've got an egg roll's BFF) and MacGyvered together a fried rice (I used Uncle Ben's 5-minute rice but cooked it in chicken stock, some soy sauce, black pepper and a tiny bit of sesame oil, and I didn't have to add any additional seasoning when stir-frying).

And dinner! As you can tell, I can't "dress" a plate to save my life.
But it is good - I promise!