Leopard Print - What Should I Choose?

I need a leopard print pump or bootie (closed toe is the key here) for fall. Perhaps "need" is a strong word. Nope. I just decided. Need is definitely not too strong of a word. I heart leopard print. It's pretty much a classic. Take it from me folks, leopard print will never be out of style. Which is why a cool pump (or bootie) has made it to the top of my "next shoe purchase" list. I will feature two of my top choices today and two more tomorrow. I thought perhaps you might want to help me choose and it the midst of all these choices you might just find a pair you want too!

Tory Burch - Camille

With the exception of the pump vs. bootie shape these are pretty equal in regards to cost and material. I must mention that I am somewhat apprehensive when it comes to a pony or calf hair upper. You see I had a pair of Nine West leopard print peep toe pumps and the hair rubbed off. I'm not sure how and I'm not sure why but it was as if with the turn in the weather the pony/calf shed its coat. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Or am I alone here? Either way I'm not sure I could go wrong with either of these. What say you, dear readers? Which would you choose? Tory or R&R?

BTW why is it ONLY Thursday????