Over the River and Through the Woods...

To Grandmother's House We Go! Ok, not really. I mean, we live by the beach and my g-ma is about 10 minutes away. But you know what I mean.

Today I took my Grandma to lunch. My Grandma is a super stylish French-Moroccan who is always up on the latest designers and trends. In fact- she gave me a stack of magazine tears today, which is so beyond cute... I mean, I told her I wanted to hire her as my assistant! She pulls some really great stuff from all her Parisian mags.
ANYWAY- so lunch with Granny means no slacking off in the outfit department. I love to surprise her with new shoes each time I visit. She totally gets a kick of how high I will go. Today was no exception.

(The wild Louboutin Espadrelle wedge, in it's natural habitat.)

These babies are sky high. What else is new, right? ;)

They look even higher from the side!

(dress- Forever21, tank- Made, necklace- VanCleef, belt- Urban Outfitters, bag- Alexander Wang, shoes- Christian Louboutin)

Have a lovely weekend!! It's so beautiful out here... hopefully where you are too!

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