Comment away...

So, the very lovely Christina who writes Fashion's Most Wanted gave me a Super Comments Award. Thank you! A few more snippets of me to expose...

Why do you blog?
It's a mental outlet for me.
I like to write.
A place to store stuff that I like to look at; a virtual pin board.
I feel the need to make some commentary about life!

What are your three best memories?
Being about 4 or 5 years old, wrapped in my Mum's softest sarong at the beach, with the smell of Delial suncream. I associate absolute and utter safety with this memory.

Our wedding day in 1999 - that moment when I saw him, even with all my nerves and the grandeur of the venue, that moment I knew.

Countless stolen moments on holidays and know when life hands you a moment and you are there almost observing from the outside. I looked around and thought 'yep, this is pretty cool'. Treking in a rainforest in Hawaii. Swimming laps in a swanky rooftop hotel pool in San Francisco. Kids playing on a certain beach in Portugal. Floridian sunsets. Snowy drive through Vermont with friends. First time in NYC. Hotdogs on a street corner in Copenhagen. Awe-struck by the Pantheon in Rome. That deserted beach, after a storm in Antigua...

If changed your name what would it be?

Five things couldn't live without?
Family, friends, loved ones (that's a given isn't it?).
Earl Grey Tea.
Lip balm and under-eye concealer.
Pretty dresses.
My bed.

Four best books?
I find this really difficult. I was always a real book-worm. I studied English Literature at university so I read and read and read. And then I read some more. At high school I had this incredible, inspiring, seize-the-day English teacher who just changed my world when it came to books. So now - listing just four is almost impossible.

I do love one book no matter how many times I read it, and things from it come back to me most days. It's 'Couples' by John Updike. This may be because I am living a similar life right now (bar the raging infidelity that occurs in that book!) or because it reminds me of my parent's era as it is set in 1963. I think John Updike is a genius when observing the complexity of human emotion.

A unique and interesting fact about yourself?
As of today...having seen the Maxillofacial surgeon this morning, it's not a teeth issue after all - it's a stone in my salivary gland...WHAT?! Yep, exactly what I thought!

What do you love best about yourself?
Physically - my legs, oh and I have good feet.
Mentally - whilst it may seem to have a strangle-hold on me, I do love how my mind works.
I am thinker.

The best movie ever made?
Again almost impossible to answer. I love different films for different moods. The easy answer is I am always partial to anything by Cameron Crowe ('Jerry Maguire', 'Elizabethtown' I have a real thing for small-town America), Richard Curtis ('Love Actually', 'Notting Hill') or Nora Ephron ('Sleepless in Seattle', 'You've got Mail').

But I also love 80's classics like 'Splash' or 'Tootsie' or 'The Jazz Singer'. 'Working Girl'...infact most Harrison Ford films, I think I grew up watching Harrison Ford. 'Out of Africa' - Streep's Danish accent is spot-on.

If It were Freaky Friday who would I change with?
If I answer this instinctively I would say Marilyn Monroe, whose life fascinated me when I was a teenager.

Best thing about being a woman?
In no particular order:
Wearing high-heeled shoes. Crying freely at adverts. Having long hair. Motherhood. Make-up. Best friends. The complete girly-girlness of some elements of life that you can just immerse yourself in.

I have one commenter/blog friend whom I would like to pass this to and it's Leanne from Mrs A in the Cove. Leanne always leaves me wonderful little gems of wisdom, I was led to her blog through my other good friend. Leanne makes beautiful party spreads for her three gorgeous girls and I just wish she lived nearer to me so I could pop round for a cuppa tea and admire what she does...