The Award For the Worst Auntie Goes To...

The award for the worst auntie goes to....ME! I messed up today...BAD!
I have my nephews in town for the summer. I've had 5 of them with me for a few days. The oldest is 16 and the youngest is 8. They complained about needing a haircut so I thought I would take them. A haircut can cost around 15 to 20 bucks...yeah...times 5! Not so appealing, right? Well, my friend suggested a place that her hubby goes to and was only 4 bucks for a cut. I've seen her hubby millions of times, I figured it was the perfect spot for 5 heads right? No.

So, we go to the shop and even when I pulled up and saw the $3.99 sign, a knot started forming in my gut. The older boys are already talking smack. FOUR DOLLARS?!? Unh hunh. I'm ignoring them and shushing them and trying to reassure them that it's all good. (I should have just turned around right then!)
We walk in and there are nothing but Asian barbers...old Asian and women. I'm not judging...I'm just that demographic is not the norm in the "hood" barbershops. So, of course the boys are in an uproar now. I see other clients in the chairs so I am now demanding that my brood shut up!

I forced them to all get in a chair and get their haircut. Each kiddo got in a chair and each barber looked at me like "what do you want me to do?" I'm looking like what the heck? Ask them! Then I figured it out. They speak limited English. Great!

(This skirt is rather full which I usually shy away from but everyday can't be a pencil skirt:)

 So, I go to each chair and tell the barbers what they wanted and each time the barber would point to a picture of a rapper pinned on the wall!!OH MY GOD! NO, I don't want my nephews to look like Bobby Brown when he was with New Edition...circa  1988!
Against my better judgement, I allowed the torture to proceed! I cried a little on the inside as I saw the lady barber next to me take a Schick Quatro razor to my 8 year old nephews head. When they were all done, everyone of them ran out of the door in silence and commenced to pointing at each other to compare whose head was butchered the worst! 

 One nephew had patches behind his ear...another had hair on his forehead...just a mess! My oldest nephew demanded that I take him straight home...not to stop anywhere! I felt soooooo bad!!! I tried to tell them that it wasn't that bad but one of the nephews said he would have rather let Frankie cut his hair....FRANKIE is my DOG y'all!
(I've had this black Gap shirt for years & wore it once. The fit bothers me but it was tolerable today I guess. The Gap skirt used to be white but I dyed it yellow. I learned how to rock my scarf from here

I couldn't allow my family to go out like extras from the Do The Right Thing movie.  I called around to find a reputable barber shop. I found one and took them so they can redeem some of their manhood that was stripped from them. I even bought them ice cream to try to erase the memories but bribes don't go a long way when you have a "rep" they tell me. I gotta go...I think they are throwing bricks at my car. I deserve it:(

Moral of the story? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
Lesson Learned!

P.S...that friend who suggested this torture chamber is now on probation from giving advice. The punishment fits the crime.