Vroom vroom!

So I've always been a fan of classic cars but I've never owned one. I don't know anything about fixing them or anything but I cant help but love them. I'm looking into getting one for my next car and I'm super excited and becoming kind of obsessive.
I especially love vintage Mercedes Benz's! They just don't make cars like this anymore...

Such beautiful lines.

I think my favorite is from 1969, though most of the ones from the '60s are pretty sweet.

I'm imagining driving around in one of these and feeling pretty awesome. I also think the photo potential is pretty amazing ;)
Till then I've done some pretty high tech photoshopping. haha. Dreaming out loud...

"Oh hey guys. Just doin some shopping on Rodeo Drive. No biggie. What's that? You want a photo?? Suuuure."

"What? Oh no no, I didn't dress to compliment my car color. Oh you like it? Why thank you... And you want me to be a famous actress and model and you'll pay be a billion kajillion dollars to do so? Oh no, I couldn't."

"I'm just on my way to hang out with all my rapper friends. They said they didn't want to have a party unless I was coming so I better go... Snoop hates when I'm tardy for the party."

Do any of you have older cars?? What kind?