Man Down! Code 10!

Awww...pretty dress, right? I love it. I wore it to church. I thrifted it in Dallas a few weeks ago.
 Ooh look at the pretty Paris Hilton shoes with the pretty, pretty bow.
Hot, right?

Literally after this picture was taken. I FELL. AGAIN!!! JESUS! And it was the fall from hell! As I walked away from taking this picture, the heel of one shoe got caught in the deathtrap bow of the other. I crashed full force into the curb. KNEE FIRST! I landed so hard that I literally thought I crushed my knee!

The bf is so used to my tumbling that he thought it was the normal "Oh, there goes Reiko again" kind of fall. Only when he realized I didn't hop back up like normal and saw tears forming in my eyes did he realize that this was a biggie! 

So after three days of trying to tough it out. I went to the doctor. I felt it only fitting to document the experience for your blogging reading pleasure.

Doc: Ooh...I love that purple on you.
Me: *blushing yet wincing from the pain* Thank you! I try!
Doc: Is that a Mexican dress?
Me: *thinking "How YOU Doin"* Why, yes it is!
Doc: What brings you in? I haven't seen you in a while.
Me: Paris Hilton pushed me.
Doc: *silence*
Me: Well, she didn't push me. Her shoes tripped me and I fell into a curb.
Doc: Oh no. My "friend" has a hard time with heels.
Me: *side eye at friend*
Doc: I'm going to give you the number to a shoe doctor that can put pads on the bottom of your heels and literally you feel like you are wearing sneakers.

I love my doctor! HE is such a diva! After he gave me the shoe doctor's number, he told me that I probably bruised my knee but if I still felt pressure in another week, to come back and take xrays. I explained to him that I've been stumbling quite alot lately.

 After a series of medical questions, we both concluded that I should just be more careful.  Awesome! Thanks Doc!

I told him that giving up my heels was not an option. This blog is called God's Favorite Shoes. God likes flats but he LOVES heels. He told me...God that is. I talked to him last night.  The doctor said I should be fine and proceeded to talk about the most comfortable heels his "friend" swears by.

*side eye at "friend", Doc...side eye*'s okay to laugh...and point fingers...and shake your head! HA!

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