More Tuesday musings...

Summer holidays underway...spent yesterday afternoon walking by the canal, feeding the ducks, watching baby moorhens scuttle along over lily pads. My house already looks like I am staging a cleaning/tidying strike (although I am not). The slower pace of life is starting to take effect. I even started reading a book, supplied to me by my lovely old friend L, who had read in my blog that I was after reading recommendations. Love to get stuff in the post.

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Despite all good sense telling me not to, I went to a local boutique and bought another dress. I know. Willpower of a gnat. It was one of these Butter by Nadia Signature Wrap dresses and it was half price. These are satin, but my one is jersey and is palest, softest grey cotton and is just lovely. Did I mention it was half price? I had seen someone in one and as per usual with my dress crushes I had to have one. I know. Where to wear?

Loyal followers will know I have spent the last few months having dental issues, which sadly remain unresolved.  I now have a referral to an expert in facial pain, in an attempt to diagnose what on earth is going on. To say this has dominated my thoughts is an understatement; it's a strange thing living with pain day to day, no matter how positive you are, it does wear you down. Everything feels slightly tinged. So I shall see...fingers crossed.

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