What's a Blog to Do?

After nearly seven months (holy cow!) of consistent blogging, over one hundred (even bigger cow!) outfit posts and way more readers (thank you so much!) than I ever could even imagine, I think I am getting to that stage in my adolescent blog experience where I kind of wonder what my little blog wants to do with itself.

This blog is mainly an outfit diary for me - hits and misses and everything in between - and a mish mash of fashionisms and recently some food (because this girl loves to eat). I usually keep the topics light and don't try to overload with ramblings (because this girl can also ramble, and go off in tangents and meander ...). I love interacting with like-minded gals such as yourselves and would love to pick your minds a bit to see what you think I could do to make my blog (and your viewing and reading enjoyment) better.

I'm not planning to do a major overhaul or anything, but are there any topics or items that you gals like to see more of in this blog? Are there things you want to see or read about that you find is missing? Heck, are there things currently on the blog right now that you could do without? And since this is a fashion diary and I respect your opinions, are there even items from my wardrobe that you gals feel like I probably can do without? Or heck with it, I should leave well enough alone?

All constructive comments are welcome! Even non-constructive ones are acceptable as long as they're funny. Please help me to help you to help me.  :o)

Here's my OOTD. I did just realize I wore the same colors yesterday - oops.

Top: J. Crew Odessa tunic (worn here before - about the same exact outfit, gah)
Tank: J. Crew slub cami
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (holy moly I've worn these a bunch - who says yellow shoes are not practical?)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel & J. Crew studded (worn here before, and close-up here)