Other People's Blogs

Welcome to this week's installment of cool things I found on other people's blogs. Let's ignore the fact that this feature probably means I blog-troll too much and move to the good stuff:

It's one thing to take a photo of your outfit of the day. It's another thing to be able to illustrate it, along with other fashion musings - via Caitlin from Art by Caitlin Shearer:

I love seeing whimsical Anthropologie pieces worn in gorgeous historic settings by beautiful ladies. Looks like the Two Wheeler Dress finally made it to its soul-intended home! via La Historiadora de Moda at Fashionable Academics:

As did the Shifting Buttons skirt - via Naomi at rockstar diaries:

How do you remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life, big or small? Write a "thank you" note a day - via Leah at THXTHXTHX:

What to do when your clogs have had too much abuse? Treat them like you do your floors - via Kristin at Leproust Vintage:

OK, kids are cute. And kids napping are even cuter - ssshhhhhhhh! via Jozen at Lola's Girl:

OK, this may not fit into the "cool" category, but it is definitely different. Most of you are already familiar with Jessica's massively popular fashion diary What I Wore. Well this blog, also by the same name and a daily fashion diary, is definitely not by Jessica - via Dustin at What I Wore:

My vote for one of the easiest but most glammed-out DIYs? via Maegan at ...love Maegen:

And some more cool contests this week:

Michelle from Always Overdressed is giving away a Vanessa Mooney cobra necklace from Designer Apparel. Contest ends July 30 - today!

Lena from Quality Rivets is giving away a pair of Low Luv x Erin Wasson ankh earrings, also from Designer Apparel. Contest also ends July 30.

Marie from Lemondrop Vintage is giving away a gorgeous Christmas-themed charm bracelet - and who doesn't love Christmas?! Contest ends July 31.

Yacht Chick is giving away a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret. Contest ends July 31.

Jessica from What I Wore is giving away the Cloud Coverage dress from Modcloth - just create a Polyvore outfit with it. Contest ends July 31.

Betsy from A Few Goody GumDrops is giving away a Virgins, Saints and Angels necklace. Contest ends July 31.

Tiffany from I am Style-Ish, is giving away a $100 Visa gift card on her other site, Style-Ish Reviews. Contest ends July 31.

Lynzy from From Skirts to Skillets is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fire Gypsy Vintage - they've already done all the thrifting for you! Contest ends August 1.

The Pretty Pauper is giving away a medley of beauty products and a Starbucks gift card. Contest ends August 1.

Sharon from elisharon is giving away a lovely Wendy Mink ruby cocktail ring. Contest ends August 2.

Londyn from blogfashion is giving away a $25 gift card to The Limited - woo! Contest ends August 2.

The Budget Babe is giving away a Big Buddha Dolce bag. Contest ends August 3.

And check back with last week's post - some of those contests are still open for winning!