Guest Post from Richyrich no.2

Paul and Anne's Story

Paul and Anne are both teachers in their late 40's and live in the Midlands. They have two teenege children (a son and a daughter) both of whom are still at school and living at home.

Last year they had a major extension done to their house. Whilst the work was going on the ground around their house was very messy and they decided that until the work was finished, the whole family should take their shoes off when entering the house in order to keep the place clean. The original plan was for it just to be a temporary measure and that the wearing of shoes indoors would resume afterwards.

However one thing they noticed was that as soon as they started removing their shoes, the house was much cleaner even compared to what it was before the building work began. Cleaning had to be done less frequently which for two busy working people was a major bonus! They then decided to make the "shoes off policy" permanent and carry on with it even after the work was complete. At first their children were not keen on the idea, they have friends over quite often, and the thought of having to get them to unshoe themselves every time they visited did not appeal to them.

Eventually they were won over and now more than a year on and the buiding work just a memory, the whole family take off their shoes in the house all the time without thinking about it. The children's friends do it every time they visit as well. Indeed some have actually commented that they like the practice as it makes them feel more comfortable!