Guest Post from Richyrich

Kathy's story

Kathy is a 51 year old divorcee who works as a Legal Secretary and lives in Cheshire. She has two grown up children, both of whom have now left home. She had always wanted light coloured carpets but knew that it would have been impractical whilst the children were younger and living at home, as it would have been impossible to keep clean. However she now has her house to herself and is finally able to do it up the way she wants. She recently had cream coloured carpets installed throughout the house. The only concern she had before she put them in was how they could be kept spotless for long. She did some research on the topic on the internet and saw that a lot of the advice was taking off shoes when people entered the house and she really liked that idea.

Kathy often has friends over for drinks and just a chat and was worried about how visitors to her house would take to a shoes off policy. She was concerned that some might see it as a little odd or “anal retentive” even. However, as soon as she explained the reasons for it to her friends they were all very understanding and now whenever they visit her they kick off their shoes as soon as they are in through the door without any second thoughts