Green Chile Fronds

I "blame" Spiffy (from Where the Lights are Bright) for looking so darn great in her dress that I had to (virtually) run to Forever 21 to buy it immediately. So now I am the proud owner of this pretty (and cheap! but doesn't look it) dress - and I think I now also receive a year's subscription to Seventeen magazine, which should be a blazing finger in my face about Forever 21's target demographic and how I'm not it.

Dress: Forever 21 Frond Linen Blend (no longer online - check stores!)
Belt: Anthropologie City Safari (worn here and here before, and bunches before that)
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (worn here and here and here before)

On to more "my age" appropriate things. Yay for life's small victories - dinner last night turned out really well. I finally got a chance to make my creamy green chile chicken enchiladas and the BF loved them (which I am so glad, because I made enough for dinner for the rest of the week).

I don't have my original recipe for it, but it is very similar to this one - the main difference is that I rolled my filling into the tortillas instead of layering. And instead of cooking some chicken breast, I just bought a whole roasted chicken, removed the skin and shredded it - perfect amount for the recipe.

Food purists be warned though, this recipe is very Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee-like in that it uses a bunch of convenience foods to make the sauce - but it is easy and soooo good and filling. And I added in some refried beans and made a cheater's version of Mexican rice for the sides. Carb heaven ...

Before ...

... and ooey-gooey goodness after.

And yummmmmm ...

Fade to carb-induced food coma.

Ignore nagging feeling that the Anthro Meeting Place tank that is finally shipping out to me
may not fit over my food baby.