Movie + Math= Headache

I went to see Inception this weekend...the movie with Leonardo Dicaprio. Umm, this is how I will describe that experience.

I was never good in math in high school or college. Never. Ever. There were times when if I really focused and paid attention to every single detail of how to solve a problem, I could do it. It took immense focus.  I couldn't take my eyes off the board.  I couldn't pass notes, daydream or check my pager*. I had to literally zone out everything around me. I would really feel accomplished if I followed along with the teacher and understood what was going on...for THAT practice problem.
Here is where things go downhill. Don't ask me to tell you how I got that answer. Because I wouldn't know. I would probably just stare at you with my big brown eyes and only above a trembling whisper would I say, "I don't know but I got the practice problem, right."
You would probably feel sorry for me and notice a tear forming on the cusp of my eyelids and just rub my shoulder and say "Aww darling, that's okay. I know you tried." (Which is how I passed any math class in my life.)

That's what I had to do to follow the movie Inception. I had to pay really close attention and not talk during the movie even though I really wanted to at times so that I could get it. I needed to get it. And I got it. But I don't ever want to get it again. I was satisfied that I understood the movie in the end but don't ask me to explain it to you. I can't. I won't. Did I enjoy it? It held my attention. Will I see it again? No. People usually go to the movies to relax, not to have a nervous breakdown because of overstimulation of the brain! 

I will just say this, go see it. Go at your own risk or if you have a rocket science degree hanging on  your wall:)

On to the outfit, You've seen all of this before but not together.  I thrifted this dress for a buck a long time ago but I had it altered majorly. The dress was about 2 sizes too big but I kept seeing potential in it.
After all the nips and tucks, even my alterations lady said that I should have just gotten a whole new dress! I'll admit, I'm a persistent little something. I had it shortened, the scoop neck made into a v neck, gathered the sleeves to make it more flattering, made the back into a v neck...ALL KINDS of stuff! It's not one of my favorite alterations jobs but I really just wanted to rock the I Love Lucy scarf so this just dress was the "winner, winner, chicken dinner!"

It'll do.

*P.S...pagers/beepers sound so ancient now!