Why is it that...?

Some gentle Tuesday musings on life - from me. With love and wondering...
Why is it that being out in the beach air makes you sleep so well?

Why is it that some mothers are so competitive about their children's abilities and some just aren't?

Why is it that my house fill ups with paper each and every day? Do I need to stop my postman from delivering?

Why is it that I have all the best intentions of doing my ironing/sorting that cupboard/cooking a batch of lasagne at mid-day and then by 8pm I have lost all impetus?

Why is it that my lipstick never ever stays on? Am I doing it wrong?

Why is that so few women actually acknowledge and deal with their visible panty line? Do they think that if they can't see their behinds that their behinds don't exist?

Why is that every time I tell my son it's bedtime he retorts 'NO!'? It's not as if bedtime is a new thing - bedtime comes every night as sure as the sun setting. Why does he persist in questioning the routine of the cosmos?

Why is it that my 'to do' list is never done?

Why is it that my daughter has suddenly become extremely bothered by what she is wearing and how her hair is put up? Not to mention the Justin Bieber fixation...

Why it is that the school summer holidays fill me with joy and worry at the same time?

Why is it that I never, despite evidence to the contrary in my wardrobe, have enough pretty dresses? Did my Mother do something wrong when I was a child? Am I dress-addicted?

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Why is it that my work days creep up imperceptibly and so very quickly, whereas weekends take an age to arrive?

Why is it that food tastes so much better when my husband has cooked it? Am I that bad a cook?

Why is it that every Mummy day doesn't look and feel like this?

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 Answers on a postcard... ;-)