GFS Diva Style Advice: Part "Finally!"

I haven't done a GFS Diva Style post in a while...well because no one has asked me. Cathy from The Minister of Style blog contacted me to confess a cardinal sin. She had a kimono hanging in her closet not being used to its potential! What the What!?!

Cathy's Kimono Collection
So Cathy,  the Minister of the way wouldn't you go to church more often if your minister had a little style in the pulpit although it would be a distraction because I would sit there thinking that I need those shoes or that dress...I digress...  asked for ideas on how to rock the kimono. Nothing revolutionary here but here goes!

1. Think outside of the box...wear it outside of the house. Why waste all of that fabulousness sitting around the house? Not that I'm judging but a kimono is instantly chic. Somebody should see it...even it is that pimply faced kid sacking  your groceries at the supermarket!
Pics 1/2: from The Glamourai
Pic 3: From Karla's Closet
Pic 4: from Sea of Shoes

2. Play with the length of it. If you thrifted a kimono, there is no harm in altering the hem line. Depending on your height, a shorter length might be ideal. Throwing on a contrasting belt can also make all the difference in the world.  I had this purple one altered because there were stains at the bottom so I just had it cut. I have quite the collection of kimonos now, all thrifted of course.
3. Wear it is a jacket/cover up. Using it as a lightweight jacket/cover up is always an option. Find a solid sheath (or anything semi fitted), grab some accessories, throw on some heels...and step honey...step like you are going somewhere important!
Photos from The Glamourai
So here are the rules Cathy. You take my pointers and run like the wind! My only request is that you have to send me a pic(s) of you rocking the kimono so I can sleep at night:) I will post the update in a new post!

Let me stress that I am really not one for rules when it comes to style...just know what flatters you and makes you feel good...most of all, whatever you close attention to fit. Whether it's a vintage find or from a shi-shi-fu-fu attention to how your clothes hang on you!

Email me if you have a question to go in the next edition of GFS Style Advice!
If no other it to keep me busy...I'm getting bored!