Nueva Frontera

I've officially stepped into 2005 today and started a Facebook account. And aside from the several dozen "where the heck have you been, lady?!" posts I've gotten and my e-mail inbox getting irrevocably blown up, I haven't seen a whole lot of use for the application yet. I know that is simply because I am not Facebook savvy - so for you Facebookers out there, why do you Facebook and how do you use it?

Shirt: Banana Republic safari (worn here and here before)
Skirt: Banana Republic factory store
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn here before, and a zillion times before that)
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada - now on sale!
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel & J. Crew studded
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny

So what's on the dinner docket for tonight? Well I had a green chili chicken enchilada recipe all prepped to go, but what did the BF request - hot dogs. Specifically Ball Park brand Angus Beef Franks - which are pretty darn good and I highly recommend them - but they are still hot dogs. And at least once a week we have to have them. Sigh - boys.