Casual Me

Happy Sunday, ladies. BF and I did another trail today - actually the place we went to had several connected trails so we ended up doing two of them. We're exhausted and kins of achy now, but we (or at least I) am happy we've been continuing our hiking routine (does three times in a row make it a routine now?)

As for attire, one of my readers asked me last week if I ever "dressed down." Of course I do, but most times I just don't show it, because I don't think most of those outfits are worth posting. However, I do try to take a pic of myself every day though (partly because I don't have a full-length mirror), so here are some of my recent down-dressed moments. Stifle your yawns please. 

What do you ladies wear when you just want to be casual and comfortable?

In other news, here's a peek into the strange mind of me: A perusal through the Nordstroms sale site to prescan all the goodies somehow led me on a search for a pair of casual winter (it's still July, right?) boots, which clickedy-click-click led me on a search for Uggs (my original connotation of Uggs involved a mental picture of Britney Spears circa 2006 with like no pants and a trashed pair of Ugg booties - thanks, mind).

But the brand seems to have branched out from their typical teddy bear feet boots to real shoes, and blah, blah, blah, I have purchased my first pair of Uggs ... and some Nine West boots ... and a pair of trail sneakers ... and threw in some shorts for the BF so when I receive the giant box from the UPS guy, I can look at the BF and say "Look, I got you something, honey!"

You gals probably don't care about my trail sneaks, but here are my new casual boots(es-es):


Suffice it to say, after that, I disallowed myself from going Nordstroms to partake in their sale. For now.