Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz Question of the day:

There could be a number of reasons why I am jumping for sheer joy in this picture. All of the following reasons are true but tell me which one do you think is the PRIMARY reason for the elation in my face.

1. I just officially resigned from my job today because I accepted a new position that I think I'm going to love. I was overjoyed to personally hand in my resignation to one of my least favorite coworkers of all time.
2. I am just so happy to be back home from my trip to Virginia.
3. Today is my little brother's birthday.

4. I'm about to eat a piece of red velvet cake.
5. I'm actually wearing a white dress...something I rarely do. (It was 8 bucks at H&M...and it has pockets!)
6. I found a lone piece of Bubble Yum Bubble Gum in my purse today.
7. I ate from my favorite fast food spot in Houston today...Frenchy's Chicken!

8. I finally got to catch up on my True Blood episodes.
9. I got to hang out with my nieces today.
10. My "Mr." sponsored my trip to H&M in Virginia.

So which is the MOST likely reason that a 34 year old woman was willing to document jumping in the middle of the street?
NO CHEATING!!!! I don't play that in my classroom:)
By the way, you people who live even in the same state where there is an H&M, consider yourselves lucky!

Bonus Question: What do you think I said to the "least favorite coworker" when she said she was going to miss me?
A. I am going to miss you too.
B. You know what, I've been wanting to say this for a while...
C. Thank You then gave a blank stare.
D. I said nothing.