99 Red Balloons

It's almost the weekend, ladies!

And I'm especially super-duper excited about this one coming up because it means I get to go home and see the parents and my big sis and her family! Technically I'll still be working, but I haven't been home since the holidays and it'll be great to see everyone - and the City! Oh the distractions ...

I did some more psuedo-pattern mixing today (because aren't stripes almost like a solid nowadays?) and felt cheery all day, despite the heat and having to put on jeans and sneaks for part of the day for some work-related haulage. For me, I think red is becoming the new blue.

Here's the long-asked question - do the colors you wear affect your mood, or does your mood affect the colors you wear? Or is that pretty much the same question?

Top: Forever 21 striped (can't find online anymore - check stores / also see the black version on Maria and Liz)
Skirt: Ann Taylor cotton (worn here before)
Belt: The Limited woven leather (worn here before)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine A Colada
Bag: Urban Outfitters woven pleather clutch (I've only seen this in-stores)
Necklace: J. Crew ribbon glass bead

My recent purchase from Forever 21. I know their QA isn't the most awesome, but it is kind of cool that for
the same money of one slubby knit top from Anthro, I can get all of this ...