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It rained like crazy this weekend. Rain + Afro= Wearing a Cap/Hat

Here's just a quick weekend post. I rarely wear shorts...and by rarely I mean never. But for some reason, I've decided it's okay. I absolutely loathe the feeling of shorts "riding up" on me. It drives me crazy but these are actually comfy to wear.
 I am not one of those "runway" watchers but I must say that I've stumbled across a few of the Ralph Lauren Spring shots and immediately fell in love. I'm really into menswear and this is done oh so right. It kind of has that "I'm a farmer during the Dust Bowl era and the only thing I have to wear are my husband's clothes" kind of look. My ensemble today was directly inspired by the Ralph Lauren "look". I already have a few more "inspired" outfits in mind:)
By the way, I was a having a discussion about my style today and I couldn't come up with an official title for my style. Scroll down this page and take a look at some of my pics. How would you describe my style?