New friends. Old friends.

So we spent a day and night away with friends, a group of ten; five couples. As a group we are all quite different and know each other through a combination of babies (our kids are the same age), rugby (the men played in the same teams), schools (most of our kids started off at the same school; now some have changed). All local, all about the same age, except for me. They are all turning 40 this year, I am a few years younger.

The day was spent having a lazy, sunny pub lunch, then a long, long walk along the South Downs Way which is about the prettiest and most quintessential of English countryside walks. Cow Parsley in abundance. Then an evening of more food and drink, lots of laughing.

Sounds perfect? But I must admit I come away feeling abit...strange. I can't quite put my finger on why but I suspect it's something to do with those moments when you observe yourself from the outside looking in. They are good friends, valued and precious and we have lots in common.

But they are not, in entirety, the same as my old friends. There isn't quite that same easy feeling of familiarity with all of them and I felt slightly conspicuous as I am different. I am abit too interested in clothes (whereas some of them completely disregard fashion), I am abit too into home-comforts (whereas they like to camp and I am not talking 'glamping' = glamorous camping; they like to rough it). They compete in marathons and triathlons (I like a nice run). They seem very sensible (I feel more frivolous). It's like we have all moved on to the next phase in life...all of our children are at school. Life seems quite serious all of a sudden, with decisions about careers and parenting and investments.

Differences are the essence of some friendships, but at times they grate. I think...deep down...I miss my girlfriends. As in my girly-girl, dressing-up, frippery and fun, old loyal friends. So whilst I had a great weekend, and I love those local friends dearly, I think it's shown me I need a fix! If any of this group read this...I think we need to set a date to catch up... :-)