(Pour La Victoire Sandals found here...although I got mine 60% cheaper at Marshall's)

Sorry for the delayed post. I actually wore both of these outfits last week but just never got around to posting. I wore some really cute outfits this week but to be honest...I just couldn't muster the energy to take pics. It's such an ordeal because I have a digital camera (that I'm grateful for) but only takes one pic at a time with the self timer. Imagine me taking a running back to the camera for the next shot. It gets exhausting:) This was not one of my favorite weeks. I am glad this week is over. Period. The. End.

(You've seen me wear this dress here and here. It's one of my faves from H&M from a few  years ago. I actually altered the neckline. It was orignially a crew neck but the "girls" needed some air so I made it into a square neck)
I saw this Kate Spade Dress on the Neiman Marcus site and thought to myself..."Self, you have a  floral, frilly dress...wear it!"

(Did I mention that I'm on another self imposed shopping ban?? Yep. First of all, I'm poor so that should really be the reason. But the real reason is I'm supposed to go to Virginia in July and low and behold they have 2 H&M's in the area. Since, we don't have them in Texas...that's always a treat. Plus, it'll be my own little reward for losing how ever much weight I lose by clothes shopping. Let the Games Begin!
(I've had this top from Anthropologie for a year or so. I actually forgot I had it. I am really into the rolled cargo pant look so for some reason I threw this together. I don't particularly like the proportions of this outfit together but I'm a school teacher...who's judging me but me? I must say that I am in love with this belt from Target. It has no buckle. It's basically a beaded rubber band)

Question of the Day: What sorts of things would you do if you could be as outgoing and uninhibited as you wished?

*By the way, my self imposed shopping ban does not mean that people can't buy stuff for me. Just wanted to be clear on that in case anybody was feeling sorry for me.*