Another Sunny Place

Hope you gals are all having a lovely weekend! And for all those of you on vacay - lucky!!!! I just got back home yesterday (and it is super-freaking hot in the ATL today - what gives?!) so the BF and I are taking it easy today with some light lunch (got to try the Verde, people), mild strolling, errands and video gaming. I wish the froyo place near our house would hurry up and open already ...

I had a great time visiting the fam, but it is difficult to set up a psuedo-office and not have immediate access to stuff you need. I did miss my mom's home-cooking though (mm, mm, mm ...), big city shopping and hustle/bustle, and got to spend a few hours of quality time with my four year-old nephew.

The sis and I did manage to out last Thursday - we went to BONDST for some sushi and sake. It was kind of surreal for me because I think it was the first time and she and I spent time together like adults, with cocktails and everything, not just lunch or stuff with the fam, etc. I wanted us to do some more stuff but it was a "school night" so I resignedly let sis lead us back on our way home (she's a mom now after all).

To get my ball rolling again, I thought I'd post my Sunday OOTD - I was very tone-on-tone today in my blues:

Yes, I am still ridiculously pale, and I have been exfoliating in the shower and following up with
self-tanner on the legs. What gives?

Dress: J. Crew dotted Playa (the light-weight wrinkly cotton is perfect for a hot, humid day)
Sweater: Gap cotton knit cardigan
Belt: J. Crew skinny
Shoes: Mossimo wedges from Target

What are you lovely gals up to this fine Sunday?