Repeat Offender

Haven't you seen this dress before on this blog? UMMM...yeah...kinda like alot. Don't act like you don't repeat your clothes. I remember seeing an episode  of MTV Cribs years ago and I will never forget that they were featuring Damon Dash (Jay-z's former business...aww..forget it, I'm not on their payroll, you can google him:) Well, I remember watching and he said that he doesn't wear his sneakers or his shirts twice. AS IN...he would wear some sneakers on Monday and literally give them away or throw them away. Really dude? Really? You couldn't ship those kicks over to countries where kids are getting shot with pellot guns for running barefoot to school to get a subpar education?? Anyway...yeah, you've seen this dress before.

The reason you are seeing it yet again is because the dress with this thrifted Ralph Lauren striped buttoned down somehow became the cutest thing in the world to me. (It doesn't take much to please me:) Then, I was looking for shoes and thought OOOOHHHH I'll wear the Aldo shoes that I thrifted from trusty Goodwill!! Hence, you are seeing the dress again. Sue me. Real people repeat their clothes.  You better ask somebody:)
So, it was Thursday and I couldn't wait until the weekend to see the Sex and The City 2 Movie (don't worry, I won't spoil anything for you:). I rearranged my whole after work routine to go see it. The following is what happened in my quest to see the movie:
1. Got Crawfish juice in my eye.
2. Wasted water on my phone while eating.
3. Watched my phone have seizures right before my eyes.
4. Left restaraunt to run errands w my sis n law. (who insisted on calling me Cinderella for wearing a poofy dress, lol)
5. Realized I lost my keys.
6. Found keys back at the "crawfish in my eye" restaraunt
7. Finally made it to the movie. *
8. Took pictures of my shoes in the theater.
9. Watched some drunk ladies get escorted out of the movie theater because they were cackling through the whole movie. (That was pretty funny.)
10. There is no # 10...isn't 1 thru 9 enough?

Don't cry for me though, it's a 3 day weekend! And I have exactly one week from today before my summer vacation starts!

*I think my expectations were too high but  the clothes/style/fashion in the movie was visually stimulating enough to satisfy me. It wasn't bad. I feel like I need to see it again just to focus on one of the characters at a time. My eyes were trying to take in too much visually at one time! lol.*

And thank you to Lori from His/Hers blog for the shout out!( Click here)

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