Playing Favorites

Like the rest of you ladies, I have a closet full of clothes that doesn't get enough attention. Yet it doesn't keep me from continually adding to my collection. And I'm really no good with the whole Stacy and Clinton school of managing my wardrobe, meaning getting rid of things you haven't worn in like a year or the concept of "one piece in, one piece out."

I could probably be better at shopping my closet if I was a dream organizer with an enviable wardrobe like Jan (I bow down to your close organization skills) or had the adeptness to play mental Tetris with her pieces like Roxy, but I'm not that talented. I try to be organized, but always find myself "rediscovering" unloved pieces in my dresser or closet, which means I don't know my own wardrobe as well as I should (now if that's not a sign I need to cut back on shopping, ha ha ... but that's a topic we could all probably discuss for days and thus should be saved for another time).

And what have I been doing to help my attention-starved wardrobe? Not a whole lot, especially since there are a few pieces that I find myself drawn too time and time again - because they're versatile and easy. I know how they fit and will look and I know I won't have to fiddle faddle with it all day or work at making it work.

So sorry if you ladies are getting worn out of seeing the Infinity belt or my newest go-to, these Reaction sandals (why in the world did I not have black sandals until now?!) but they work for me and I loves them.

Do you gals have a favorite accessory or piece of clothing that you find yourself putting on time and time again?

When I first saw this top, it reminded me of the Banderole Top from Anthro,
but like a more colorful and less exposed second cousin.
I like second cousins.

Need any proof that I am a do do head? Nopers ...
You don't want to see the poses I did for pliĆ©.  :o)

Top: Forever 21 Aztec Woven
Sweater: Target cotton cropped cardigan
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine A Colada
Necklace: Laila Rowe

Have a lovely weekend!