Kitchen table posy...

I have a lovely friend at work; she is a colleague but equally we have known each other for years and she is a true friend, a kindred spirit. I have mentioned her before here. So, she reads my blog and often tells me how bizarre it is to witness the public Louise vs. the one she knows and sees each week. This seems to be a commonly held perception amongst the few friends to whom I have confessed my blog. They find it surreal that I have this public persona of 'Lou of Lou, Boos and Shoes'! Of course it's all me, but I guess the point is that the me that gets published on my blog is usually the best version of myself. That Louise is the one who lives the charmed life of blonde children, tousled curls, home cooking, a childhood sweetheart, a pretty farmhouse, jam jars of garden flowers sitting on the kitchen table.

That is me. It is a charmed life, for sure....but it also has it's unperfect sides. I note that when blogging that there is this concept of presenting your 'best self' to the anonymous world as who wants to read about people's day-to-day worries and strife? We all have enough worries of our own without the need to take on those of others.

However I also see that when I do share a worry, the world answers back to say 'it's OK...don't worry; [crucially] you are normal'. So whilst I do have a posy of flowers on my kitchen table, these are my worries of the day:

I am working on a project that is stretching me in every direction, challenging every bit of professional experience and integrity I have. In a way it's exhilarating, but at the same time just plain frightening.

I am not doing enough reading with my kids - blame the above project - blame the single parent Monday to Fridays, but whatever, homework is not coming high on the evening agenda.

My constantly messy house bothers me just a tad too much.

I am coveting a certain pair of patent shiny new shoes and I must not spend the money. As in Must Not.

I am delinquent in catching up with old friends. Some in particular - if you read this I promise I will do better... :-)

There might be a life-changing opportunity on the horizon for us as a family. Instead of being excited I am terrified. Change and me are not comfortable bed fellows...

In times of worry I find the best thing is to just look out the window, concentrate on something pretty, distract the mind, try to let it go... I hear from my new friend that optimism is the new black!

Images via it's mary ruffle