Betty or Wilma?

I can't help but feel like Wilma or Betty from the Flintstones in this dress...which means I LOVE IT! I always loved how chic and form fitting their outfits were. Is it just me? I got this dress from the ASOS Africa line. I usually am attracted to ethnic prints and this was right up my alley. It's ethnic with a modern silhouette. I've had it for a minute. I'll be honest. It was a little snug on the jelly but I recently lost 10 lbs so I decided to see if the jelly was ready! It's ready! I love it!
I'm wearing it with Aldo Shoes and a F21 necklace/earrings. I've had that orange bag for years. I got it at a boutique in Philly when I went to visit my cousin. I am pretty sure this dress will be in heavy rotation this summer. I'm wearing heels here but I can easily take off the jewelry, throw on a belt and sandals and go to a festival or something.
It's a little on the short side but a little leg never killed anybody:)
In other news, for some reason I am thrown off this week. All day yesterday, I thought it was today. (Did I confuse you yet). I thought yesterday was Wednesday when it really was Tuesday. I even missed my favorite Tuesday shows!!! UGH!!!! I was so mad at myself! Then fast forward to today and I did the same thing. Really Reiko? Really?

So who do you think? Am I more like Wilma or Betty?

And for further randomness...You should know that I am obsessed with the song Soul Sista by Train. I sing it really loud every single time I hear it!

If you are wondering how I am losing the weight...I joined Weight Watchers and I work out whenever I can. But mostly it's due to this class. This is my actual Zumba teacher and those are the actual songs and dances we do:) I'm not in the me that would be a travesty...but I love my ZUMBA CLASS and teacher!

Yes, I get down like that!
And trust me, we get alot more grimey than this. Karen has us working it out! She has this same level of energy every single time. The above video is my favorite routine cause I get to wind it like that long hair Asian woman on Soul Train:) My buddy Ro usually has to convince me not to jump off the roof before the class is over!