What to wear?

Oh, what to wear? How to decide each day? What makes good style? When growing up, I would spend long summer holidays in Denmark. When shopping there I'd see that the children's clothes were quirky, unusual; fundamentally different to the ones at home. My Mum would always say '...don't you want to be a bit different to everyone else?' Back then I would agree, embracing the difference, but then we would get home and I would feel mildly ashamed of my unusual clothes, I could not carry it off. I just wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. Of course, I grew up and realised that being different is not a bad thing and clothes are a way to project yourself, depending on your mood.

Somehow that echo of my Mum's advice sounds out now and permeates the way I shop and choose clothes. For me, being different is very much tied up in my personal style. Yet I broadly conform to the standard 'uniforms' of my Mummy and Work lifestyles. But I am always looking for the little quirks that change an outfit from standard to non-standard.

That eye for detail makes me hanker after certain things...soft, muted cotton scarves, red shoes, the 'right' blue denim, a statement coat, the perfect belt, the just-so floral print...whatever it might be! I am constantly scanning for key items in any shop, like a magpie looking for shiny baubles.

It's so in-built in me that I do struggle to understand when women say they are not interested in clothes. I want to say 'why on earth not?' There is just so much to love, so much to desire, such a heady happiness of 'getting it right'. But I do wonder, is that just me? Am I the distinct minority to be saddled with this strange impulse to think about, covet and aquire clothes, shoes and handbags? It's not even necessarily fashion - although I love that too; it's just clothes...dressing up...creating outfits. I make it sound as if I am a complete clothes horse; really not, I am in my PJs by 9pm most nights. Nevertheless I still love clothes. I don't think I am alone in this litle obsession...but you never know...