Bikini bottom...

Last week's glimpse of proper, hot summer sun had a profound effect and I promptly got online and ordered a bikini. As our annual summer holiday basically consists of living in a bikini, I do own a few. I have tried numerous types but always go back to a classic version. Comfort is key. The best I have had is from Jack Wills; unexpected I know, as this brand is mainly geared for 18 year old well-to-do British students in high brow University cities, with money to burn. Anyway, they do great swimwear that lasts and lasts. So, order I did. In a bright floral sprig, just ready for tanned skin and summer loveliness.

Said bikini arrived, I whisked it on and noted that the bottom seemed can I say? Skimpy. Has my bottom grown? I already have a bikini of this size and style and it fits like a dream; where have I gone wrong? My friend P is eminently sensible and very good at judging the 'mutton dressed as lamb' phenomenon that can afflict women of our age. We discuss the bikini bottom coverage, she maintains that support is needed in the bottom area, much like a bra. I am not so sure. Do I want to spend three weeks of my holiday with my bottom trussed up? I think not. Plan B is to run ALOT between now and then in an attempt to achieve the coveted bikini-bottom bottom. My ridiculously (and charmingly) motivated sister in law has been doing thrice-weekly spinning classes to reach this goal.

There is only one thing for it...where are my trainers? The countdown to summer sun is on. Mwah!