What Are You Thinking About?

Ever since I saw these in black on The Shoe Girl's blog I've been obsessed with finding the cognac pair in my size. Obsessed. According to the Jessica Simpson collection website (which is where I linked to) they will be available in July. After I finish banging out this post. I can promise you that I will be emailing the Vince Camuto group to see if there is any way I can finagle a pre-order on these bad boys. I also plan on casually looking for them when I'm in Chi-town over Memorial Day weekend.

Next up...

Cynthia Vincent for Target - Gladiator Wedge

Yeah, so the same goes for these. Except I didn't see these on The Shoe Girl's blog. Just on every other blog I've visited. Again I've been casually stopping by the shoe department whilst at Target for other things and needless to say, I've seen hide nor hare of them.

You always want what you can't have. Isn't that what they always say? So... are there any shoes you are obsessing over this season?