Soles for Souls have a ride to Nevada

He's always had the will... and now he's got the way.

Jim Belshaw has collected about 40,000 pairs of shoes in his Soles for Souls campaign.

He says Can Am transport has offered a truck and trailer to him at cost, in order to send the shoes to Nevada. There, they will be delivered for charity in developing countries.

Good thing, too - because Belshaw tells us he wasn't able to take the shoes down south alone:

"I had to go down and measure out a cubic calculation of feet. It turns out I would have needed close to three five-ton trucks to get them to Nevada."

Belsaw says since the truck and trailer are coming cheap, but not free, it did hike up the cost of the trip. But the Rotary Club an an anonymous donor have stepped up to the plate to cover the total cost:

"The cost went from about $1,500 to $2,225. When I mentioned that to my fellow Rotarians, two or three of them came forward and picked up the balance."

Jim Belshaw has already donated 10 thousand pairs of shoes to local charities.

Denise Wong/Gord Vizzutti - Kelowna

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