The Weekend

(Scarf: So old that I can't remember, H&M top/CK shorts/ Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedges)

Nothing special here really. I've been meaning to post about these shoes for a while. These are the Cynthia Vincent Shoes for Target. I actually love the color and height and comfort. The only thing that creeps me out is the velcro. There is a velcro strap across the toe and ankle. You can't tell and they don't look bad but every time I hear that "kkkrrrrwwww" sound when I fasten them, I throw up a little in my mouth. For some reason I associate velcro pants/shoes...anything...with old men. Every pair of velcro sandals I've ever seen are worn with socks by pimp daddies who still think they are cool and wear rings on their pinky fingers!

The velcro isn't enough to make me stop wearing them. The good definitely outweighs the bad, I just don't understand why VELCRO!?!? But who am I, Cynthia Vincent already paid her light bill with my money for these shoes so I guess she knows best:)
Today was a lazy day...hence the scarf on my head for one part of the day and the pink/green fedora for later in the day.
Here is a recap of my day.

1. Bought a hot pink wig (don't ask!)
2. Bought dog food.
3. Read my magazines
4. Test a new hair product
5.....ummmm....yeah...that's all I did all day.