My chosen profession...

My work at the moment is crazy-busy. I think I mentioned it. I am working on this uber project that is just, well, manic. So it did get me thinking about why on earth I chose this profession. I work for a massive company, I advise people on how to do stuff with employees. I try to keep the company from being taken to court basically. It's niche. It's challenging. I like it, been doing it for years. But really - how did I get here?

If I were to choose - I have always fancied being a florist. What a lovely thing to be surrounded by flowers. To spend time making up bouquets for brides or pretty arrangements. This appeals to me. But then there must be a lot of early starts, flower markets at dawn, quite pressing deadlines (wedding at 3pm) and what happens when the flowers starts to droop or die? That would just make me sad.

Then I think: book shop. Just like 'The Shop Around the Corner' in 'You've Got Mail'. Kathleen Kelly's little slice of wonderful childhood nostalgia...'Ballet Shoes' by Noel Streatfield anyone? I am quite attached to books - being surrounded by them would suit me fine. I would make it all white-washed loveliness and indulge every one of my childhood would drip with sentimentality.

I do think its slightly odd how things turn out. You know when you are a child and people ask you what you want to be when you are grown up? I don't think I ever would have said '...well, I would like to be part of a corporate giant and spend my time advising people how to do stuff all day'. Yet I do love my job and what it gives me. So I am not complaining. But for those who do manage to combine the pleasure of books and flowers in their day and get paid for it - I have a little, tiny bit of envy for them!