Grumpy and happy...

I am lucky enough to have had a little flurry of blog awards of late. One is from the delightful Metropolitan Mum who has challenged me to a Grumpy Meme. This entails listing what makes me feel grrrrr. I found this remarkably easy - is that a sign?! Thank you MM :-)

1. I am absolutely not good with mess (quelles surprise!). Tidy house, tidy mind. Deliberate mess really bothers me...

2. Tiredness; when there is not enough sleep on the agenda things go awry for me in the happy department. I am sure I am not alone. I invest a lot of time and energy making sure I get enough sleep as the grumpy consequences if I don't...well, it's not pretty.

3. Bad hair days, of which, at the moment there are many...back to hairdressers next week.

4. Online shops being 'sold out'. Grrrr...furrowed brow.

5. When my cat leaves a decapitated mouse on the doormat every morning, day after day. 

6. Rudeness, especially directed to those who wait tables, work in shops etc. There is just no need to be rude to people who work in retail or service industries. Makes me mad when I witness it.

7. When I take things for granted. My own complacency.

I am to nominate five of my fellow bloggers  (by the way I don't think these ladies are grumpy per se, but who might just rise to this challenge!) to forward this to:

Sniff @ In Sniff's Choos
Tania @ Backwards in High Heels
Thatgirl39 @ Forty Not Out
Mary @ Mary Loves 

From one extreme to another...the lovely Jeanne (aka my long lost big sister) from Collage of Life gave me a Happiness 101 Award! This entails listing ten things that make me brim with happiness! Jeanne's post was pretty happy-making (and made me want to watch 'Something's Gotta Give' really badly.)

1. Remembering places I have visited with my husband. Great meals in great places...risotto perfection in Venice, overlooking the Golden Gate in San Francisco, oysters in Grand Central NYC, lobster bibs in Boston, foie gras in Paris contemplating the Louvre, tapas in Barcelona, espresso in the Piazza Navona in Rome...

2. The incredible wisteria that literally hugs two sides of my house.

3. New shoes; first outing.

4. His blue eyes.

5. Cup of earl grey tea, my morning view.

6. Family cuddles. Think Sunday mornings, or Saturday afternoons in front of a good film.

7. Walking in the dunes...infact most things that are beach-related.

8. Going to bed when it's still twilight outside...or going to bed when it's raining outside.

9. My new-found blogging love - seriously, what did I do with myself before this?

10. Kindred spirits; my great, old friends who know me best and truly 'get' me. I am not that easy to 'get'!

So the rules are that this award is passed to five other bloggers. I have chosen those who have brought me a little slice of happiness...

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Pass it on... xxx